Jen Roh Photography
Madison, WI Family & Newborn Photographer


A few FAQs with Jen Roh Photography



sessions are scheduled in the evenings

I prefer to schedule my sessions in the evening an hour before sunset for the best lighting, but, I'm happy to work with you to schedule your session when its right for you. I will reschedule sessions due to inclement weather and illness. Please contact me to book your session. I will have weekday and weekend times available.

Newborn Scheduling

newborn sessions are scheduled at your home

Newborn sessions are generally scheduled between 5 to 10 days but can be scheduled when it's comfortable for you. The session will take place at your home and both siblings and parents are included. The session will last about 2-3 hours and within that time I will take posed and lifestyle photos of your family. Special requests are always welcome.


What to Expect at your Family Session

lots of fun and great photos, I hope

I know how stressful it is getting ready and to a session on time. Most parents are stressed before the session even begins. I will do my best to make you all feel comfortable and relaxed. I will talk and guide you and goof with the kids (my favorite part!). I encourage parents to be playful and themselves during the session because this will help make kids feel comfortable and happy. My favorite is capturing those candid moments that no one is expecting. I highly recommend that you do not bring bribes with you like candy for instance. This technique always back fires and ends with little ones crying for candy the whole time and it also creates messy faces. However, I support any bribing you may want to do after the session, like getting dinner at a favorite restaurant, ice cream, or playing at the park.

What to Wear

whatever you feel comfortable in

It's hard to figure out what to wear. I tell people to wear what is most comfortable to them. It's best to wear solid colors (preferably not black or white) that coordinate with the season. Pinterest is a great starting point to figure out what colors work well together for the season. You can mix it up a little and add some stripes or patterns for fun. It's probably easiest to find one item of clothing in a color you like then build from there. If you have questions or want to show me any clothing combinations feel free to email me!